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We regularly have requests for info on how our guests can give a helping hand to the local school kids so here are some suggestions!

{Please notice the Creative Donation Opportunities note near the bottom and give us your feedback}

We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and bring supplies for area schools or medical clinics in need, you'll make a priceless impact in the lives of our local children and families. Please click here to see what supplies are needed for our project/projects.

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Pack for a Purpose

Some recommended donations for the School Kids of the Samana Peninsula: (Scroll to middle of page for list)

Tour Samana With Terry now accepting cash donations!!
If you are interested please read this regarding how it will be used in conjunction with donated school supplies:

We have received donations of school supplies from many generous tour participants over the last 4 years and we thank you soooo much for your generosity and desire to help make a difference. It has gotten to the point though where we are being overwhelmed by the supplies received coupled with the amount of work that we have organizing the tours (a good problem to have) that we can't quite do it justice in the distribution of the donations. We don't trust just dropping off the supplies at the school, so we want to get these things into the hands of the kids directly in order for your donations to have the effect that you all intended, advancement of education. We have petitioned and received approval from the Beyond the Beach Foundation out of Canada to use a cash donation received from them to create at least two positions at our company for someone to help us organize and distribute the supplies properly.  They will inventory and create bags to give to the students equally in as many classrooms as possible.  If you would like to make a cash donation we will gladly accept it to help us further this new program.  You can do so in person or you can request to do so via PayPal.

We have also received many large items recently. Baseball gloves, equipment etc. These are the items that we can't just walk into a classroom and hand out. One, because we don't have enough of them. Two, because we have found a better use for them.

This new position will oversee a new program of essay writing contests with these larger donated items as prizes for the winners.

 Our first topic for the students:
 Why Should We Protect Our Local Environment.

 Future topics will be solicited via Facebook and we hope to set up a poll for you all to help us choose the topics.

 We are hoping to have a real impact on the school kids from many angles with this new endeavor.

 We would like to take this moment to inform everyone that any future cash donations we receive will be used exclusively to support this position (and maybe create a few more depending on your supply donations!) as well as pay for transportation costs of delivering the donations. The salary for this position will be $12 US per 8 hours worked which is basically the average salary for day by day workers here in the Dominican Republic. The position will require 2 days a week and includes the time spent judging the essays. At this time this position will be funded exclusively from cash donations that we receive or have already received.

 We look forward to your continued support and thank you in advance! Your comments and concerns are welcome.
Please post them to our Tour Samana With Terry Facebook page.


Terry Lee Bandi: Founder, Co-Owner & President @ Tour Samana With Terry

Eliseo Dishmey: Co-Owner @ Tour Samana With Terry

School Supplies Needed:
Notebooks - Most Needed
Construction Paper
Pencil pouches
Pencil sharpeners
Math Compass
New or Used Backpacks
Chalk and Chalk board erasers
Dry Erase Markers and Erasers
Stickers for teachers to reward good grade papers

Other Suggestions:
Used Baseball Gloves
Used or New Baseballs, Softballs or Tennis Balls
Used or New Volleyballs, Soccer Balls, Basketballs or even Footballs
Used Shoes or Baseball Cleats
Used Backpacks or Duffel Bags

Creative Donation Opportunities:

Give a Samana Kid a Field Trip Option:

While I was delivering some school donations recently, one of the school director/teachers mentioned to me that she was thinking of finding a way to take some of the kids out to see the Whales or visit Cayo Levantado.  Many people live here all their lives and never have the opportunity to set foot on the paradise island of Cayo or go out and see the Whales unless they work in tourism. This was even the case with many of my older friends here in town.  We've since made an effort to help our friends realize their dreams to experience what we tourists often times take for granted.

I am now proposing an opportunity to allow our future guests to help that teacher realize her dream of taking the kids out to see the Whales and Cayo Levantado.

I am not sure when we will start offering it yet, as I am waiting to hear from the teachers and tourism officials if we can make this happen.  I am also waiting for you folks to let me know whether or not this is something that would appeal to you.

In my mind I am seeing two possible options:

1. Give our guests an option to go on the Whales tour with some of the selected students.
Prices for our guests are listed here on the website and they would be able to pay for one or more students also, the price for which would be around $25-$40 each. (covers transport to and from the boat dock, boat fees, taxes and drinks for the kids)

2.  Give our guests an option to pay for one or more students to go on the Whales or Cayo Levantado tour.  We would take the kids out on a day when we would have a full boat and can coordinate it with the teachers and parents.
Price for this would be around $25-$40 per child. (covers transport to and from the boat dock, boat fees, taxes and drinks for the kids)

Other Groups that can help you give to the children of the DR: