Tour Samana With Terry

Samana Zip Line

Walk the Plank Zip Line

5 in 1 Tour: Zip Line, Waterfalls, Safari, Beach & Culture

Tour duration:   4-5 hours

Welcome to the highly acclaimed Walk the Plank Zip Line of Samana!!

-Longest Zip in the Dominican Republic Over 7000 feet long!

-13 Stations and 12 Total Lines!

-Safest Zip Line in the Caribbean!

-Built In Brakes Stop You Automatically!

-No Gloves to Wear!

-Fun for ALL ages!

Fly 350 feet above the Lulu Waterfalls  (wear your swimsuit under your clothes to swim in the falls afterwards) as you WALK THE PLANK off of the Pirate Ship at the top of the mountain.  The first run is over 1000 feet long.  The first of 12 total lines. (The competition only has 10)

We use only the highest quality equipment on the 3 cable Zip Line system.  Rated for up to 26,000 pounds you can enjoy the Zip Line even as a double ride with our instructors if you are nervous.  We have not just one but 3 cable to ensure your safety.  You are fastened in with a double harness that has two cams that run along 2 of the cables overhead.  Our integrated braking system allows you to concentrate on having fun.  You don't have to reach up with your hand and grab the cable to slow yourself down on each of the lines.  WITH OUR INTEGRATED BRAKE SYSTEM, you just kick back and relax while you enjoy the panorama zipping by below your feet.  Or your head, if you want to go upside-down!  Either way, your hands are free to take pictures or movies!

Buffet lunch on the beach, waterfalls and all your drinks are included in this Zip Line Excursion. Optional stop at a Cigar shop if you like.

-No age limits
-Participants must weight at least 45 lbs.
-No weight maximum but the harnesses must fit your body
-You can Zip double, with kids or with your someone special or with one of the guides if you're nervous

Wear normal clothes.  Most wear shorts and shoes.  Some come in their swimsuits. Definitely wear your swimsuit under your clothes though!  The waterfalls is at the end of the last Zip Line run and you won't be near the truck to get it.  Please don't wear flip flops.