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EXCURSION #7The Famous Playa Rincon in vehicle

For Samana Peninsula Hotel Guests

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This beach is fantastic.  It is about 5 kilometers long and has no development whatsoever (yet).  There is a great place to eat out there, it is just a thatched roof with a wood grill but I love eating there, the food is great and there is nothing like eating with sand between your toes.  Your lunch is included in the price with a choice of fresh local fish or chicken.  Your drinks throughout the day are included also, except when in the restaurant.
Rincon has some awesome snorkeling but the conditions must be right. The water can be cloudy out around the reef at certain times.  Also the waves can get big and ruin the snorkeling.  You can try the reefs in the more shallow area and see some awesome coral and some small fish.  All that having been said, it's one of my favorite spots to go snorkeling.

It does take at least 45 min to drive to Rincon.
Your drinks throughout the day are included also, except when in the restaurant (they will bill you directly for drinks ordered).
Available for rent:  Lounge chairs ($4–$5) and snorkel equipment ($10-$15). 

Prices for option #7 Playa Rincon in Vehicle:

Per Adult Las Terrenas area Accommodations:       $60
(El Portillo, Albachiara, Viva Wyndham, Sublime, Alisei, AirBnB)
Per Child 11 under Las Terrenas accommodations: $30

Per Adult From Samana area Accommodations:     $50
(Cayacoa, Don Pablo Samana, Cayo Levantado, AirBnB)
Per Child 11 under Samana Accommodations:        $25

Price doesn't include 6% Sales Tax

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