Tour Samana With Terry

Excursion Group Notes:

Please note these details for all Excursions
Hotel & Cruise Ship:

What to Bring:
Swim Suits - Wear your Swim Suits under your clothes as most tours have a sport for swimming.
$1 bills for tipping or gifting
Money for Souvenirs (if you wish)
Remember, please, that all payments are in U.S. dollars or Dominican Pesos.
You can also choose to pay ahead in full by PayPal (+6% for tax)

We are now offering Personalized HI-Def Tour Videos and Professional Photos on most our Adventure tours! Contact us to purchase in advance!
Especially great on the ATV tours or the Zip Line tour.

Please note these details for all Cruise Ship Excursions:

All routes are designed to fit in your cruise ship's time frame in port and will start at about 1 hour after the arrival of the first tender at the pier.  If the whole group is present earlier the excursion will start.

All our tours will end at least 30 min before the last tender of the day.

A:  Please use the reply button when you are replying to an email from me.  This way I can always have in mind just what it is we have talked about already and what info I have given you.
Very sorry in advance if I don't reply in a timely manner.  If you haven't heard from me in more than four or five days then please email me again to remind me.

B:  All excursion groups are open to the public.  Our Safari trucks hold 16 people although it is made for 18.  We have other trucks that sit 24 & 28 people very comfortably.

C:  Because we will be running more than one excursion group each cruise ship day I don't know who will be guiding which one, including myself.  I will assign a guide in the last week in most cases.  Please be assured, you will be in excellent hands no matter what.  As groups get bigger I send more assistant guides along to make sure everyone is well cared for.  These are always close friends of mine who are tons of fun.

D:  All bookings require advance payments through our website's booking system. If you don't have PayPal you can still pay our money request with a credit card through PayPal.

E:  Keep in mind that Samana is a tender port so you need to come ashore as early as possible but not on the first tender.  Tours will leave the dock within 1 hour of the first tender arriving at the pier.  All tours end at the dock at least 30 min before the last tender of the day.

F:  #11, #3, #3a, #5 & #6 all take place fully or partially in the same area and share stops from lunchtime on. These are good options for groups who are split on the activities they would like to partake in.  You can relax with the low impact version, some can do the horseback version or some can do the ATV ride option.  The tours will share some of the same spots from lunchtime on.

 Tours that start after 12 pm do not have lunch included.  No discount is available in these cases.