Tour Samana With Terry


Waterfalls, Beach and Culture on ATV-Quad in the beautiful El Valle area.

Look for our green Tour Samana With Terry signs at the dock!

A video preview of the tour Itinerary:

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Tour duration: 
  4-5 hours.

Tour begins: 
1 hour after first tender arrives at the pier

Tour ends:
 At least 30 min before the last tender of the day at the pier.

Woffer an ATV tour to the spectacular & secluded El Valle beach area.  The excursion will start in town near the dock.  The tour will pass through a small part of town and you will make your way out to the El Valle beach for lunch and to ride around on the beach some.  You will have about an hour to to eat, walk along the beach and take in the mountains that come right down into the ocean in this small beautiful bay.  From there you will mount up again and drive to the entrance of the Cascada Lulu waterfalls.  The hike into the falls takes about 10 min and it is mostly flat.

The local kids will walk along with us on the waterfalls trail to help anyone who needs a hand.  At one point we will walk over 5 sand bags to cross the river.  I recommend to people that they bring dollar bills for tipping if you need help in a few spots.  The kids are very helpful and kind.  Please don’t be upset with them, they are just trying to make a few dollars working with people who come to their backyard to see beautiful sights. They are very happy with $1 or $2.

Lunch is fresh fish (whatever the fishermen have caught that day at this beach) and chicken, all cooked on wood fire.  Rice and beans.  Salad.  French fries or fried plantains. All from a sand floored, thatched roof, hut restaurant.  This is the most developed building you will find on the El Valle beach.

Please note: swimming is prohibited at the El Valle beach.
We will take along a few bottles of the following so that you can drinks: Coke, Sprite and water.
You can sometimes buy Beer at the waterfalls.  Or at the beach restaurant you can buy Piña Coladas made inside of a pineapple or a Coco Loco made inside of a coconut.
Must be 14 years of age to drive.  No alcoholic beverages will be served by us on this excursion and you must sign a waiver ahead of time.

Please note: This tour is a rain or shine commitment on cruise ship days.

Wear normal clothes.  Most wear shorts and shoes.  Some come in their swimsuits.  Wear sunglasses or a carpenters type of safety glasses if you have a pair, for the dust.  You may get muddy if it rains but your feet will probably get wet in most cases as we drive across a river 2 times.

4 Wheeler - QUAD - ATV - Four Wheeler

$80 a person based on double ridership
$130 for single riders
Sorry, no discounts for children of any age

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We never cancel our tours as long as we have 2 people going.  To help us maintain a minimum participant level 
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