Tour Samana With Terry

Some Details About Us

A timeline for Terry:

1976: Born in Kittanning Pennsylvania (it's near Pittsburgh)

1992: Family moved to Northern Montana near Alberta border

1999: Moved to Northern Michigan.
Cheboygan to be exact (near Mackinaw Island & L. Huron)

2002: Moved to Samana, Dominican Republic to do volunteer work and learn Spanish

2004: Bought a restaurant in Samana (which led me to start the tour business years later)

2004: Married a Dominican girl, Carolina from the neighboring town of Sanchez

2008: Dec. 2008, Noticed tons of bad reviews of Samana on the internet

2009: Jan. 2009, Started defending Samana to disgruntled visitors on travel websites.
Accidentally started a tour business in Samana. Tour Samana With Terry is born!  

2009: Feb. 2009, Took my first 6 people from a cruise ship on an excursion to Las Terrenas

2009: April 2009, Took our first group of 22 out in a Safari truck

2010: Dec. 2010, After 2 years, finally started a website and spent our first $200 on any type of advertising

2010:       Dec. 2010, Tour Samana With Terry started offering reliable Airport to Hotel
                Transfers to and from all Dom Rep airports, Villas and Homes around the country.

2011: April 2011, A total of 122 people 
from 2 cruise ships on 8 different excursions

2011:       Aug. 2011, A total of 112 people from 1 cruise ship on 9 different excursions.
                Including 30 people on 22 ATVs.

2011:       Nov. 2011, A total of 126 people from 1 cruise ship on 9 different excursions.

2011:       Dec. 2011, Our first ever Shore Excursion to Samana - Wakl the Plank Zip Line.
               The group of 13 from the HAL Noordam cruise ship consisted of no one under
               55 years of age.

2012:       Despite many many obstacles from other tour operators and local cruise line
                representatives, Tour Samana With Terry is officially licensed and no longer has to
                rent a tour operators license.  It took more than 3 years and over $25,000 to get.
                Normal time frame should be 1 year and normal cost should be $2,000.

2012:       Oct. 2012, Terry and his wife take their first ever cruise, aboard the NCL Gem,
                to better understand our guests and experience first hand the tendering
                process in Samana. Hurricane Sandy extends said cruise from 9 days to 13
                days and the ship skips coming to Samana port. Still a great learning experience.

2012:       Nov. 2012, Successfully took 81 people in one day, to the Samana Zip Line.

2012:       Dec. 2012, Successfully took 79 cruise ship passengers, in 1 day, from 1 cruise ship,
                to the Samana - Walk the Plank Zip Line.

2012:       For the year 2012, Tour Samana With Terry safely provided a total of 96
                Airport to Hotel Transfers.

2013:       Feb. 2013, A total of 220 people from 1 cruise ship on 12 different excursions.
                10% of the cruise ship's total passengers went on tour with us this day.
                On this day there were at least 92 local folks and ex-pats working because
                of our tours.  (Terry was at home this day, sick with pneumonia.)

2014:       For the year 2014, Tour Samana With Terry safely provided a total of 305
                Airport to Hotel Transfers.

2014:        Cruise ships started to pull out of Samana and with it 80% of our business. Started
using TrekkSoft reservation program and accepting online payments.  Our Hotel
reservations go up 500%.

2015:       An alliance is stuck with the world famous Kim Beddall of Whale Samana.  Tour
Samana With Terry starts selling Kim's Whale tours and providing a safe and
hassle free way of arriving on time to the Whale Samana boat dock.  TSWT
takes over 300 happy customers on tour with Kim during the 2015 Whale Season.

2017:       Tour Samana With Terry starts selling the Famous Kim Beddall's Whale tours and      providing a safe comfortable way of arriving to the Samana Bay Whale Sanctuary.

2018:       Tour Samana With Terry sales of Kim Beddall's Whale tours are off the charts  during the 2018 Whale Season!