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NOTE: You cannot sign up for our tours through any of the hotels.  We are an
independent tour operator and family run company. Please reserve directly through our website.


The Los Haitises National Park Preserve is a very beautiful, untouched, lush Rain-Forest area full of islands full of tropical birds, mangroves and large caves.

Then off across the Samana Bay. Enjoy the scenery of the Samana peninsula from a new vantage point that you don't get anywhere else.


After delicious healthy lunch, enjoy El Limon National Park and it's most gorgeous waterfalls. You can actually swim in it! You have the option to Hike or Horseback in and out of the Falls. 30-40 mins each way.

Free Drinks all day.  Even Beer!

-This tour will use a 24' Panga style speedboat to cross the Samana Bay to Cayo Levantado.  Similar to photo below. It's a 30 min ride and waters may be rough or waves large sometimes.  We are not responsible for sea conditions that can change at any moment.

You may get wet, so dress appropriately and bring a towel. Ride may be rough at times and we recommend you take sea sickness medication if you are susceptible.

Los Haitises National Park:

Once arriving at the park the tour includes a number of small islands that make up the bird sanctuary part of the Park.  Many species of birds use this protected area to raise their young, safe from humans and other predators.  Then check out the Sharks Mouth Cave by driving the boat right into the mouth!  Then we’ll guide the boat into another cave that is home to a small white bird called a golandron, maybe we’ll catch a quick glimpse of the mysterious little bird. Next we dock at the mouth of a larger cave with some spectacular photo ops. Walk from one end of the cave out the other side where the boat will be waiting at another dock to pick us up.  Once safely back in the boat we are on our way to the pictograph caves where we’ll pass through the mangroves swamp en route.  These caves are where you find the drawings on the walls from some of the original Taino Indians that were wiped out by the Spanish.  The caves on this tour alone are worth seeing because they are very large and carry a very unique history.

All boat parts of the tour could be on a 24' Panga style tour boat made for up to 12 people.

We do recommend sun screen, sun glasses and a hat as you will be in the sun much of the time. Sea sickness medication may also be recommended.

El Limon National Park:

The National Park is about a 30 min horseback ride.  Don't be too afraid of the horses, (No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs may ride the horses) they are experts at traversing the crazy looking trail, with a couple steep inclines, that you take to get in and out.  There also is a local horse handler who will walk alongside each horse in the group.  Once we arrive at the precipice of the waterfalls we will dismount and then you walk down a steep mountainside the last 300 yards which includes walking on some uneven surfaces that can also become muddy.  It is worth it though.  You have now arrived at the base of the spectacular El Limon Waterfalls.  Spend some time swimming in the refreshing waters of the waterfall’s large pool.  If you are game you should swim into the falls and see the cave underneath.  We take our customers personally under the falls and into the cave.  You should be a good swimmer though.  (Any guests taking part in any water activities do so at their own risk and responsibility.)  After your swim and picture taking you will walk back up the steep steeps to the top of the falls where, after a short break, you will mount back up on the horses for your ride back out.  Once you arrive at the ranch you can wash up, use the restrooms and enjoy the delicious healthy home cooked, entirely over a wood fire, buffet lunch.  We even have been complimented on these meals by vegetarians so there is something for everyone.  Even glass bottled Coke, Again made with Real Sugar!
This tour is not recommended for wheelchair guests, those with mobility concerns, recent back or neck injuries, people with heart problems or pregnant women. Flat shoes with a non-slip sole and closed toes are recommended or a hiking sandal - no flip flops. Light, comfortable clothing, cap, sunglasses and sun screen are recommended.  Weight limit for horseback ride is 250 pounds.
Note: The price does not include a tip for the horse handler who walks alongside your horse.  They do a good job controlling the horses at all times and only receive tips as payment, which each rider would have to take care of. I recommend around $10 US but if you enjoyed their service and would like to give more that is not a problem.  The government has stipulated that every horseback rider that goes in must have a handler with them.  These are local people who in many cases own the horse you will ride.  They are not employees of our company although I do try to hand pick the best ones available.  Very few speak English but they are very helpful and hard working.

Please print out the PDF when you purchase.

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From Punta Cana & Bavaro Hotels:

Prices Start At                   $189 per person
During Whale Season

Prices Start At                   $199 per person
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Kids 4 and younger not recommended

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6:30-7:30 am Pickup at Punta Cana or Bavaro Hotel or accommodations

9:30 am  Arrive at Cano Hondo Eco Lodge to meet your boat and tour guide

10:00 am  Start touring through the Caves and Islands 

12:00-12:30 pm Depart National Park and Cross Samana Bay to Samana town

1:00 pm  Arrive at Samana Town dock and head to lunch

2:00 pm  Start on Horseback

2:45 pm  Swim in waterfalls and take AMAZING pictures

4:30 pm  Load up in vehicle back to Samana Dock

5:00 pm  Arrive at dock in Samana and head across the Samana Bay

5:30 pm  Leave Sabana de la Mar

7:00-7:30 pm  Arrive in Punta area